"The Subject of `knock offs´ is usually treated one-dimensionally, similary to the way that music file-sharing is defined, simply, as a crime. KNOCK OFF moves far beyond this simplistic approach, offering a multi-faceted picture of the `knock off´as a complex artifact of contemporary consumer culture. An excellent piece of story-telling, approaching knock-off goods as essential components of the economy of urban life; as products produced by the same people who produce the `real thing´; as objects that carry viewers into the business of branding and image-marketing, and as things that are transformed and renegotiated into new and unanticipated forms of creative expression. Excellent work. I found the film very stimulating."
(Stuard Ewen, author, Channels of Desire)

You find it on Canal Street and feel like you are fooling the world. Look, I got this! And no one knows it´s a fake.
(Karey Murphy-Molloy, shopper)

The only way that we can survive is to try to outsmart the system - piracy, and doing things off the books, that´s part of how we survive.
(Hyun Lee, activist)

Hip Hop has made the fake cool. It´s like the knock off that´s made in China is actually the cooler thing to have.
(Greg Tate, author)

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